Funnies from the land down under (unda?). (Warning: Not Safe For Work language)

The Olympics are always a fun time for sports fans around the world, as we all come together to witness the best in the world do what they do. It’s also a time for countries to start arguing about who’s the best country and why, because that matters apparently.

It’s good to see, though, that some people take such a notion and make it a bit funny for the sake of us all. Look no further than Ozzy Man Reviews, a hilarious Youtube channel in which the most Australian man ever reviews things and such. In this video, he reviews the “Greatest Olympic Win Ever,” with his own unique style just the icing on the cake. It’s short and sweet, and makes us wish he was doing live coverage of the 2016 Olympics as well.

For more funny Youtube shenanigans, look no further than the deck below for our buddies Dude Perfect at their best.