Tackling fires looks like sweaty work.

There are few people in this world who train probably train harder than JJ Watt. The Texans’ defensive end is notorious for most of his days weight training, drilling techniques, and starring the occasional sitcom because why not? It’s obvious that his strong work ethic has paid off, though, as he is one of the most feared men in the NFL

What would happen if JJ stepped into a different kind of training than football? Would he rise up to the challenge? The folks over at Gatorade decided to answer that question by taking Watt to Pewaukee, Wisconsin to train as a firefighter, another job that requires an immense amount of physical work in lots of gear.

JJ Watt FF

JJ, whose father happens to be a retired firefighter, seems to take the workouts pretty well, but is clearly working hard to keep himself moving. He’s doing it all in 86° weather, which probably makes it just a bit more difficult. It’s all part of Gatorade’s Beat The Heat campaign, raising awareness about heat-related illnesses and staying hydrated. Another way to stay hydrated might be to let Watt shoot you with his new water hose.

JJ Watt Fire Gif

For more JJ (with adorable pictures of him before he became building-sized) and Gatorade, check the deck below to see more of their Beat The Heat work, including Karl-Anthony Towns and his streetball skills.