Saul Goodman first graced our television screens during Episode 8 in Season 2 of the AMC hit drama Breaking Bad. The eccentric and paranoid dirty lawyer is hired after Jesse’s friend Badger is arrested for selling meth and although it remained unclear how large of a role Goodman would play in the remainder of the series, it was extremely clear that Bob Odenkirk was delivering big time.

After appearing in 43 episodes, the sixth-highest number of any Breaking Bad character and highest outside of the White and Shrader families and Jesse Pinkman, Odenkirk’s character had developed into one of the most popular on television. From his beautifully cheesy commercials to his refusal of American Express cards and hilarious one-liners, Saul Goodman became legendary.

With Season 2 of Better Call Saul premiering on Feb. 15, let’s relive some of his best scenes and quotes from Breaking Bad:

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