Brock Osweiler exercised serious restraint after getting attacked outside a pizza shop in Arizona. The soon-to-be starting Denver Broncos quarterback was hit from behind but instead of trying to pummel the attacker, he didn’t do anything and didn’t even fumble the pizza box.

The following was reported by TMZ:

During the pizza run, we’re told Brock was heckled by another group — and things got heated. One woman tries to confront Brock’s wife and Brock uses a stiff arm to push her away. Brock then tries to gather his crew to get into a waiting car to leave the situation.

But one of the men in the other party didn’t like that Brock made physical contact with his lady — and shoved Brock in the back hard … sending the QB flying toward the waiting car.

Instead of turning and fighting the guy, Osweiler — who’s on the verge of signing the biggest contract of his life — held his crew back and ordered everyone into the car.


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