Considering the terrible acts Terrell Suggs has done in the past, his recent arrest was nothing but a laughing matter to him.

Suggs was arrested in Arizona early Friday morning for driving with a suspended license. He was reportedly involved in a minor car accident, in which no one was injured, but on the scene police noticed Suggs’ license was suspended because of speeding tickets.

The right way to respond to this incident would be to, you know, learn from your mistakes and drive like a normal person. But Suggs chose to joke about the situation on Instagram and embrace “Thug Life”.

MooD:……. Driving with a suspended license! Street Cred= 100,000 Trillion. My bad Y'all.. Dumb Ass SiZ

A photo posted by Hancock Rose (@untouchablejay55) on Mar 4, 2016 at 7:25am PST

Dirty plays on the field, domestic abuse and driving with suspended licenses off the field. What a guy. Thug life, though!

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