Toronto Mayor John Tory decided to engage in what can generously be described as mild mannered banter on Friday in preparation for the Blue Jays playoff series against the Kansas City Royals.

As far as trash talk goes, Tory laid into the Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Mayor Sly James with all the fury of a gentle breeze.

“Number one, our beer is stronger. Number two, our pitchers are stronger and number three, our hitters are stronger. Ando so, Mayor James, game on. Go Jays.”

Tory then proceeded to perform his very own bat flip, which is the cool thing to do in Toronto thanks to Jose Bautista’s incredible bat-fling that he unleashed during Game 5 of the Blue Jays-Rangers series.

Mayor Tory’s take was decidedly less enthralling.

Yeah, that’s not a bat flip. That’s a gentle bat lob.

[For the Win]