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No one thinks an NFL team in London is a good idea, except for the few people that actually matter, two of which include powerful figures in Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft.

Kraft, the long-time Patriots owner and unofficial non-league office spokesman, has said numerous times that NFL should “work hard” to establish a franchise in London within a decade.

A franchise across the pond appears inevitable and the official decision will launch one of the most exhaustive, time-consuming and ambitious undertakings in sports history.

But what would be an appropriate London team name? And would the team belong solely to London or does Goodell and Co. intend to include England, Great Britain or the entire United Kingdom in a brand?

The obvious choices include the Monarchs, Knights or Guards, but what about something more frivolous that pops?

The London Gin, commemorating the city’s Gin Craze of the 17th century? Or maybe a name with more worldwide commercial appeal such as the Beatles, Stones or Bentleys?


You have the “meh” Queens, Kings, Princes along with the Tudors or Chancellors.

Lieutenant or Sheriffs, those patrolling the 48 ceremonial and 83 metro/non-metro counties of England, are also option, as is the singular and simple Kingdom. How about the England Counties to include everyone?

Ceremonial guardians: London Beefeaters? Let’s keeep it PG.

1960’s culture-lovin’ fashionistas: London Swingers? Again, let’s keep it PG…

Something more historically all-encompassing like Angles, named for the Germanic tribes that settled in Great Britain in the Early Middle Ages or potentially the Normans?

Roses are popular in London. The London Roses? That’s cute. Oak trees are prevalent too. The London Oaks? Adorable. Those awesome black cabs are everywhere as well. London Cabs?

We can also toss around the Dukes, Towers, Cavaliers and Royals. One must believe the feisty Royals of Kansas City would fight their small-market tails off to avoid that branding debacle.

Why not the London Taxmen? Or maybe the Roundheads or Cavaliers?

The Great Fire of London rolled through the city in the 17th century. The London Fire?

Or how about a simple, relevant, short, quick, memorable name like the London Sires? Bingo.

You’re welcome, Roger Goodell.


Photo Courtesy: Getty Images (Wembley Stadium)