Thursday night’s preseason game with the Detroit Lions was not kind to Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

It is somewhat understandable that the Redskins would have wanted to let RG3 see some action. After all, that is what the preseason is for – getting some reps in and getting warmed up for the regular season. However, the team may want to reevaluate RG3’s preseason playing time moving forward because his appearance against the Lions was essentially a nightmare.

Let’s just say that the Redskins’ offensive line did their quarterback no favors.

The Passion of Griffin culminated in a scary moment where RG3 went down and didn’t get up for a few minutes after taking a hit on a fumble.

He was taken to the locker room and the team officially announced that the quarterback had suffered a stinger and that he was also being evaluated for a head injury.

Yeah, this is probably close to the worst-case scenario for Washington going into the preseason. #PrayForRG3 indeed.