Felicia Oreb and Diana Johnson are sisters and fitness trainers from Sydney, Australia who own and operate their own website basebodybabes.com.

The two have managed to rack up an impressive following on social media and while they were initially surprised by the amount of attention that they received, it’s pretty clear that they know how to attract and retain fans as evidenced by this interview that the two did with the Sydney Morning Herald earlier this year:

“From the beginning we always delivered really good photos that people would share. We cross all aspects of health, fitness and fashion and people just really liked our photos and they started to share them and then we did quite a few workout videos and they went viral and we got so many followers.”

According to SportsGrid, the two were able to recently regain access to their Instagram account after it had been hacked. Celebrate by checking out some of their stunning Instagram photos by flipping through the slideshow below.

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