TV_Everywhere_Logo_Blue_SMSummer is rocking and we have finally found the perfect opportunity to catch up on all our favorite TV programs, even when we are out on-the-go. The service (and savior) is called TV Everywhere ( which is a multi-device viewing experience offered to verified TV service provider customers through websites and apps, included with your subscription. TV Everywhere is here to remind you that you could be watching TV through your smartphone, tablet laptop, on-the-go or at home. Anywhere you go! No longer do you have to miss out on the big game because you decided to hit the gym. Don’t have time to watch it live? Watch shows later, including full-length, next-day episodes. TV Everywhere is a benefit of being a cable subscriber, at no additional cost. FREE!

Everything is better when you’re watching TV, and if you are on-the-go you usually don’t have an option to catch the sporting events you miss, but thanks to TV Everywhere that is solved.  Here are a few real life situations we have been caught in while big games are happening:

  • The time we had to go to a wedding FOR A WHOLE WEEKEND during NFL season
  • The time we were told we need to hit the gym, and we did ON NFL SUNDAY
  • The time the Men’s basketball NCAA Championship game was on but we were working.
  • The time we missed the Cubs game because we WERE AT A BABY SHOWER
  • The time we couldn’t watch the SUPER BOWL because of a family reunion which involved camping

Each of these games would have been watched if we just streamed the games courtesy of TV Everywhere. We want to hear from you about where you will be enjoying TV programming on-the-go this summer. For us, we are big on using TV Everywhere on our phones and tablets while traveling for work.  Don’t forget to use the #TVEverywhere hashtag to join the discussion over on Twitter.
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You aren’t the only ones who didn’t know this was a thing:

“A study from HUB Research earlier this year, commissioned by Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM), indicates more than half of pay-TV subscribers are unaware of the features and capabilities of TV Everywhere, and nearly 60% have never taken advantage of the service, which is provided at no additional cost,” said John Lansing, President and CEO, CTAM. “Yet viewers who watch TV on non-linear devices feel the value of their cable subscription is significantly higher.”

Don’t even be caught in a situation where you can’t watch your favorite game, just head on over to — in just a few minutes you could be watching TV through your smartphone, tablet laptop, on-the-go or at home. Anywhere you go!

Watch your favorites from TNT, A&E, Travel Channel and may more while you’re on-the-go this summer!

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