LeBron James was on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and the Cleveland Cavaliers forward/blossoming actor was asked to play an odd game (because when one goes on the tonight show now, that’s what happens now).

The game that LeBron had to play was called “Faceketball” and its rules are pretty simple. Each player straps a mini-basketball hoop to their forehead and they take turns shooting shots on each other’s baskets. First one to three wins and, if someone gets a 2-0 advantage on the other player, they can then literally dunk on their opponent’s face-basket.

However, with both players making two baskets, Fallon decided to end the game in the best way possible – with both players dunking on each other’s face. Fallon’s was nice but LeBron literally tore Fallon’s hoop down with a “ferocious” double dunk jam.

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