Brian Dozier capped a remarkable Twins comeback on Friday night with a walk-off three-run homer. The blast gave his team a seven-run ninth inning and a 8-6 victory. Although the moment itself was dramatic and represented one of the more entertaining ninth innings you’ll ever see, one important piece was lost in the shuffle.

As Dozier’s bomb off Detroit closer Joakim Soria traveled into the left field seats, one Twins fan bolted down the stairs in hopes of snagging a souvenir. Unfortunately, the ball hit the facing of the upper deck and didn’t even land in the bleachers and he took a serious digger, tumbling over rows of seats.

We can only hope, and assume, he was inebriated. The first video below shows the homer in real-time, along with a few replays. The second Vine gives you a closer look at the fan, wearing a blue shirt, taking a violent spill.

If you know this man we implore you to PLEASE tweet at us: @NextImpulse. The guy deserves some national recognition for his efforts.

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