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Add Jose Bautista to the list of people comparing this new St. Louis Cardinals scandal to the New England Patriots.

The Cardinals are being investigated by the FBI for allegedly hacking player personnel data in the Houston Astros’ database. This, of course, immediately reminded everyone of the deflategate issue that continues to surround the Patriots.

In an interview with Yahoo Sports Radio, Bautista took a shot at the Cardinals as well as Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

“I’m, though, intrigued to know why the FBI is involved and not just the MLB’s investigations department,” Bautista said. “So, that’ll be interesting to see. But it looks like they just took a page out of Bill Belichick’s book.”

Bautista’s comments aren’t exactly a surprise, considering the Internet has had a blast with this photo since news of the Cardinals news broke:


Not a good look, Bill.

[h/t Chicago Sun-Times]


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