Entourage crawled to a depressingly dull soap opera-like culmination in September 2011 after two very lackluster seasons. The show’s producers, creators and writers were auctioned to the wolves after critics and fans claimed they destroyed one of the best and most unique shows of the last decade.

The following will contain spoilers but if you haven’t watched the entire series in the nearly four years since they wrapped, no one cares. Despite heavily funded efforts, Entourage will return with one last hoorah on June 3rd as a highly anticipated feature film.

“I think the move will be really satisfying,” Jeremy Piven told Channel 24 last summer.

Does “satisfying” imply returning to the hilarious, witty and oftentimes wildly inappropriate roots of seasons 1-5? Before the movie officially opens, let’s review where every recurring character was left at the series conclusion.