Unlike JJ Watt and Aaron Rodgers, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo had to be pretty happy about last night’s NCAA Championship.

Romo is well-known for his Blue Devils fandom and he was on hand to witness Duke’s exciting victory over Wisconsin on Monday night.

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However, because this is Tony Romo we’re talking about and it seems that he’s forever cursed to deal with unrealistic expectations, Romo’s opportunity to bask in the glory of celebration came at a price.

What price?

A Super Bowl victory.

Yes, last year Romo made a promise to Duke’s Jahlil Okafor. Win the NCAA Championship and I’ll win a Super Bowl.

Romo’s Duke allegiance springs from the school’s basketball dominance during his childhood and the fact that their weren’t other hometown college teams for him to root for (ironically, that description sounds like a lot of 1990’s Cowboys bandwagoners).

Wonder if he now wishes that he had rooted for his home-state Wisconsin Badgers instead.