Will Ferrell had a pretty busy day yesterday. The actor played all nine positions in a single day at five Cactus League Spring Training games around Arizona. Ferrell was taken from game to game by helicopter and suited up for all ten teams he visited – the Athletics, Mariners, Angels, Cubs, Diamondbacks, Reds, White Sox, Giants, Dodgers, and Padres.

Here’s a look at all the laundry:


While the stunt provided a whole lot of exposure to MLB and sexied up some meaningless Spring Training games, it’s primary purpose was for an HBO special in conjunction with Funny or Die, which also raised some money for cancer research.

As you can imagine, Ferrell’s presence excited most of the fans who made it out to watch some baseball in the desert, but it also became very clear that a bunch of players were very pumped to be teammates with the actor as well.

Josh Reddick dressed up as Turd Ferguson, which is amazing:

Padres head trainer Todd Hutcheson dressed up as Buddy the Elf:


And there were plenty of other shenanigans to go around:

Here are some of Ferrell’s highlights on the diamond throughout the day:

And, finally, some more great photos: