The Seattle Seahawks probably should have been back-to-back Super Bowl champs and now that they’re not, has all hope been lost for the franchise?

Less than two weeks removed from one of the most devastating losses in the history of football, many Seattle fans are nowhere near ready to discuss the game or look forward to next season. But one fan with pretty damn good video editing skills is hoping to restore all that lost hope in a deprived fan base.

First, the video is very well done. Second, the concept is laughable. Your team won a Super Bowl less than 13 months ago. This message would have been appropriate for the title-less Vikings following their crushing NFC title game defeat in 2010 or the Buffalo Bills after four-straight Super Bowl defeats 20 years ago.

Stay strong, Seahawks fans. Stay strong. We’re all here for you during these tough times.


[Kissing Suzy Kolber]