There have been 475 different players that have been selected to the NBA all-star since the first game in 1951, a number that grew by six with the 2015 selections. Of those 475 players, 38 have received the nod 10 or more times and five have done it 15-plus times.

It’s a safe bet that not one single human being can name all 475 guys and most fans can’t rattle off the list of 38. But can you name the top 10 players?

Remember, these are only NBA All-Star selections (not ABA). Each player in the top 10 has at least 13 selections and the top 10 actually includes 12 because the last four guys are all tied with 13. These are selections, not appearances.

Now that we’ve given you Nowitzki, come up with the other 11 before looking: