Let’s just get this out of the way: I live in Seattle (born and raised), am a life-long Sonics fan, casually root for some other teams around here, and even I can’t condone what what’s going on in this video. No way this guy fires this thing up — hourly, by the way — without his neighbors wanting to murder him in his sleep. If The Purge ever happened in real life, this guy would be the first to go on the block, no doubt. They’d lay siege like he was Ethan Hawke.

Here are the details of this insane display, courtesy of KING5 TV:

Anthony Mish says he started decorating his home at 11217 NE 100th Street in Kirkland with holiday lights the day after Halloween and still hasn’t finished.

The outside of his home is decorated with more than 150,000 lights and leaves no question about Mish’s allegiance.

An hourly show bodes to his favorite sports teams: The Seahawks, the Mariners and the Huskies.

First of all, this would happen in Kirkland. Kirkland is the worst. Also, KING5, you forgot to mention the Sonics! Although, due to total sensory overload, you probably forgot the Sonics part existed by the end…kinda like how everyone else on Earth forgets the actual Sonics existed (hey-yo!). But hey, good news for all you holiday lights fetishes out there, there’s even more to this circus: “The inside of Mish’s home is decorated with several Christmas villages, waterfalls, ponds, a train, and is covered in fake snow.”