gruden shake

The Monday night game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Carolina Panthers was never close and Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico were obviously running out of ways to say “Cam Newton doesn’t look right out there” and “Cam Newton’s offensive line is leakier than a ship made out of swiss cheese.”

So, the two decided to illustrate how Chip Kelly prepares his players during the year by making them personalized smoothies. If you didn’t have a rooting interest in the game, it was the highlight of the evening without a doubt.

Seriously, the little bit came complete with “Chucky’s Protein Powder.”

Chucky’s MNF Blowout Smoothie appears to be one part grape, one part banana, two parts pineapple and five parts “Chucky’s Protein Powder.” It probably tastes better than how Cam Newton played on Monday night.

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