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NFL owners were gathered together today as a part of the league’s efforts to address domestic violence and sexual assault. In order to begin the educational session on these rather important issues, the league office showed the owners a video (featured above) of former NFL lineman and current motivational speaker Joe Ehrmann.

Ehrmann’s message was simple, effective and chillingly powerful. He asked those watching to imagine how awful it would be if the women in their own lives were the victims of domestic abuse and then urged for the owners to foster an environment where they help ensure that the right values are instilled in those they bring into their organizations.

As Ehrmann so eloquently states:

“A team is nothing more than a set of relationships for a cause but every team is built on the trust, the respect, the integrity and the dignity of every team member. So, if being a man is about the relationships and the commitment to a cause, and a team is a set of relationships for a cause, then it is an ideal place to help develop boys into men that are going to have integrity, that are going to be relation-ally successful in life and understand that they also have a responsibility to give back and make a difference”

The NFL will have its teams begin to implement the anti-domestic violence educational programs in the coming weeks.

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