The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens are set to face off against each other on Thursday night and Terrell Suggs of the Ravens is already having some fun at the Steelers expense.

The Baltimore Ravens tweeted out this picture of Suggs, rocking a shirt with imagery on it that fans of both teams will remember well.

For those that don’t remember or were too busy stuffing themselves with turkey to care, last Thanksgiving Jacoby Jones was bringing back a kickoff return and found himself migrating towards the Steelers sideline, right where Tomlin had a foot out on the field. Depending on who you talk to, Tomlin either recognized that he was in the field of play and tried to leap out of the way or Tomlin purposefully positioned himself on the field to impede Jones’ progress.

Guess which theory Suggs is advocating with that t-shirt.

[For the Win]