Team USATeam USA kicked off its FIBA World Cup title defense Saturday with a 114-55 drubbing of hapless Finland, which, thanks to the game Angry Birds (I bet you think I’m kidding), had bought itself scored a wild card invitation to the pool of 24 teams. Karma came in the form of an opening match against Team USA, meaning the Finns had the distinct honor of being the first victim of a Team USA blowout. After a close opening few minutes, Team USA broke the game open by the end of the first quarter, leading 31-15, before completely demoralizing the Wolfpack (Finland’s actual team nickname) in the second with a 29-2 run during which Finland didn’t convert a single field goal.

Here are two of the niftier plays from the first half, one featuring Derrick Rose doing Derrick Rose things…

Team USA…and the other James Harden doing James Harden things (Question: Is a Euro Step merely a “Step” when you’re actually playing in Europe?):

Team USANot even SKYY and Stoned Jesus could save Finland Saturday night.

Team USA

UPDATE: Here’s a full highlight package of the carnage.

[.gifs via @_MarcusD_]