Ray Rice’s paltry 2-game suspension for his assault case brought heavy criticism from anyone and everyone, all of which believe the NFL should have brought the hammer on the Ravens running back.

According to the Washington Post, that might change in the future, as the league is considering much tougher discipline for domestic violence issues. Those penalties include a potential one year ban.

The report included the following:

The prospective new policy, if it is implemented, could establish guidelines for a suspension of four to six games without pay for a first offense and potentially a season-long suspension for a second incident, according to those with knowledge of the matter.

The timing is obvious, just days after the Ray Rice ruling and while it is a positive sign that the NFL is immediately considering a policy change, critics will surely proclaim that the league cannot get it right the first time.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has been at the teeth of the criticism, but one source believe he wants to see stricter discipline and the league “tried to stick with precedent” on previous similar domestic violence cases.

We need to have stricter penalties. I think you will see that. I believe the commissioner and others would like to see stricter penalties. We need to be more vigilant.

The NFL did not comment on the issue and one person said the union was not involved in the discussions for a policy change.

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Photo Courtesy: Patrick Semansky/AP