Pittsburgh Penguins forward Evgeni Malkin is one of the most electric offensive forces in the NHL. When he finds himself in the spotlight, it’s usually for things like this. However, it’s the offseason and there are no hockey highlights to share, which means that Malkin has to entertain us with his off-ice activities. This summer, those activities have included swimming with whale sharks, hanging out with Joseph Stalin, and being super goofy while getting his caricature drawn in New York City.

In the latest installment of Summer of Malkin, the Russian impresses us with an awesomely delectable party treat. Geno turned 28 this past Thursday and his birthday celebration apparently included the awesome cake you see below:

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 3.50.03 PM

Yep, that’s Geno looking like a Russian spy/secret agent in cake-topper form surrounded by a bunch of hockey-playing Penguins. Pretty awesome.

The Summer of Malkin seems to be getting better and better as it progresses. In fact, it’s been so entertaining that it might almost be disappointing once he’s forced to put on skates again. Almost.


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