Dan Le BatardIn case you missed it, ESPN Radio host Dan Le Batard was on fire during the days leading up to LeBron James’ return to Cleveland, ranting and raving — in his standard tongue-in-cheek way — about the Doomsday scenario about to hit South Beach. The Highly Questionable host eventually calmed down, capping off the week with a bittersweet goodbye column in the Miami Herald, and everyone figured that was the end of it. But remember, Ol’ Danny Boy is a master troll, and he really can’t help himself when it comes to some good-natured ribbing.

Recently, Le Batard attempted to crowd fund an advertisement in two Cleveland-area newspapers, the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Akron Beacon Journal. The full page ad would simply read “You’re Welcome, LeBron” and “Sincerely, Miami Heat Fans”. It should come as no surprise that both newspapers rejected the ad request. As such, Le Batard’s plan probably never made it past the idea phase, but at least one person on Twitter decided to give us an idea of the troll ad might look like.

That’s good enough for us.