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The internet is a wonderful and horrible thing. For every wonderful creation of content and hilarious meme, there are fifty thousand ugly troll opinions, badly spelled insults and generally hideous commentary.

Take the latest shit storm caused by Stephen A. Smith and his comments on domestic violence that he made on ESPN”s First Take. Smith’s opinion that women could provoke domestic abuse was rightfully lambasted and there may have been no stronger rebuke of Smith’s comments than ESPN’s own Michelle Beadle:

So, after ESPN decided to suspend Smith from its programming for a week, some people were upset. Not with ESPN for suspending Smith. Not with Smith for saying such idiotic things in the first place. They were upset with Michelle Beadle for having the audacity to speak on the subject because it’s Twitter and outrage must flow in every direction. Yes, sadly a certain dark corner of the internet is saying that Stephen A. Smith is the real victim here and Michelle Beadle is a mean bully or something.

Here’s some of the worst of the worst if you can stomach it.

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