A local pub in Galway, Ireland ran a lucratively ambitious promotion during the Brazil-Germany World Cup semifinal match on Tuesday evening. Roisin Dubh offered specials on two beers, one German (Erdinger) and one Brazilian (Brahma), starting at 4 Euros each at the beginning of the match.

For each goal scored, the price would be lowered 50 cents. Five first-half goals later and a quickly growing crowd was paying only 1.50 Euros for a pint of beer, where it remained through the break and nearly 25 minutes into the second half.

For those scoring at home, 1 Euro equals about $1.30 USD.

Germany’s Andre Schurrle kindly made things interesting for pub owner Gugai McNamara as he scored back-to-back second half goals, lowering the price to an absurd 50 cents for the remaining 11 minutes.

We realised we were in trouble quite early on – my poor bar manager had a look of panic on his face when I walked in. It was actually cheaper to buy a pint than a packet of crisps, but the customers were very responsible – people weren’t ordering 15 or 20 pints at a time.

Social media helped spread the word as the game approached conclusion, but not before loads of patrons ran from nearby pubs for the bargain of a lifetime during Germany’s 7-1 destruction of host nation Brazil.

Brazil’s 90th minute tally allowed for free beers, but only for a moment before the special ended.

Apparently the promotion was extended to the Argentina-Netherlands match, but luckily for McNamara it was one of the most boring World Cup games in history.

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