Even though we all rooted for the US to beat Belgium, the one silver lining of all this is that Rihanna’s trolling schtick is just as strong as ever.

RiRi has spent a good portion of the World Cup bandwagoning every single US opponent in the World Cup and she kept it up to the bitter end for USMNT in their match against Belgium. During the first half, she shot this off:

This was her tweet immediately following Belgium’s second goal to make the score 2-0.

But at least Rihanna wasn’t one to needlessly gloat when the match ended with the US losing by a score of 2-1:

And like that, Rihanna’s masterful performance art as a Twitter troll comes to a close (for now).

Never change Rihanna. The world awaits to find out who your next World Cup target will be.