There’s nothing quite like a prop bet paying off. For 167 people, Luis Suarez biting an opponent was probably the highlight of their day:

According to Darren Rovell of ESPN, 167 people correctly bet that Suarez would bite an opponent during the World Cup. One of those people was Thomas Syverson, who bet approximately $5.25 that Suarez would go all Mike Tyson on someone and walked away with just over $916.

Andreas Bardun, sportsbook manager for gambling site Betsson, where Syverson placed his bet, said 167 gamblers placed bets on the prop.

The biggest winner was a Norwegian who won $3,300, he said, but he cited company policy not to disclose any of the names of its bettors.

And here I thought that the big winner of all this was internet memes.

[For the Win!]