Like so many great athletes before him, David Beckham is finding it hard to stay away from the profession which launched him to stardom around the world.

Yes, Beckham has the itch to make a comeback to soccer. No, he hasn’t scratched that itch yet:

That’s right, the internationally renowned athlete is considering a comeback to professional soccer. Beckham last played for Paris Saint-Germain of the French Ligue 1 in 2013. Since then, he’s been making making a BBC documentary about his travels in the Amazon and cheering on the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup playoffs. In his documentary, he cites that he’s had a difficult time coping with retirement. His time away from athletics, along with seeing fellow athletes compete at a high level, has developed an itch that Beckham may want to scratch.

If he wishes to play soccer again, one obvious destination is Miami where Beckham owns an MLS squad. At the very least, he probably won’t have to try out for a spot.

Beckham himself was quoted as saying, “”there’s never been a player-owner, but maybe?”

Somewhere, Michael Jordan is smiling and nodding his head slowly.