You might remember last month when Michelle Beadle accepted an invitation to prom from Jack Jablonski, the Minnesota high school hockey player who was left paralyzed from the chest down at 16-years old after a hit from behind during a game in 2011.

Jablonski asked Beadle to be his date for senior prom while co-hosting a weekly radio segment for “Hockey Night in Minnesota,” for which Beadle appeared as a guest star. Beads seemed to be extremely flattered and graciously accepted.

Being a woman of her word, the ESPN SportsNation host followed through and flew out to Minnesota to attend senior prom with Jabs. Despite being older than the rest of the ladies attending, Beadle still couldn’t manage to escape the pre-prom butterflies:

Regardless, it looks like the two had a good time:

But – since it is still high school, after all – they didn’t have TOO much fun:

Congrats to Jabs for locking up the coolest date at prom, and props to Beadle for still be able to rock the hell out of a prom dress.

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