Tampa Bay Lighting and Boston Red Sox minority owner Jeff Vinik is apparently growing up, and selling his giant home that seems more like one of those places you went to for the kid-you-were-friends-with-but-didn’t-really-like’s birthday party in second grade.

According to Realto.com:

The listing for the hockey baron’s great estate bandies about descriptors such as “masterpiece” and “whimsical humor,” but a more apt account of the home is simply 19,000 square feet of fantasy land. Inside its modern shell, which offers seven bedrooms and 11 baths, is a world Dr. Seuss would be proud of, starting with a Star Wars-themed arcade for playing video games, a media room with seating for 16, billiards and ping-pong areas, and an indoor slide that looks like something you would see at a McDonald’s ball pit.

Only 17 mil? I’ll take it. Let’s go inside.