Bubba Watson and Oakley have teamed up to create quite possibly the greatest golf cart that has ever been made.

The cart is actually a hovercraft, and, yes, this is real. Named the “BW1,” Oakley said Watson came up with the idea to create this because he wanted to improve upon the limitations that golfers face when driving normal golf carts. The BW1 hovercraft can easily glide over fairways, greens, sand traps and even water hazards.

You would think that a hovercraft would damage the course, but the BW1 has a “footprint” pressure that is actually 33x less than that of a human foot, so cruising over the greens leaves no marks and causes less damage than driving a traditional golf cart or even walking a course would.

As far as we can tell, the BW1 is not for sale, so your dreams of getting your own hovercraft golf cart aren’t coming true anytime soon.