We’ve officially reached the halfway point of hockey season, so the NHL has provided us with a look at the top 10 goals of the first half. You know this list wouldn’t be complete without a couple of dazzlers from Datsyuk and Malkin, but don’t discount “the 6’9” ballerina” that is Zdeno Chara, who netted a beauty while channeling his inner Patrick Kane. There are some seriously awesome goals in this list, but I look forward to seeing what the second half of this shortened season will bring.

As much of a nutjob as Nail Yakupov is, his unforgettable game-tying goal against the LA Kings deserves some kind of recognition. Great coordination, quick hands, 4.7 seconds left—the kid deserves some props for the first huge moment of his NHL career, despite his very controversial celebration (let’s just assume it’s a Russian thing).