Kobe Bryant Vino

You know how Kobe never really got a nickname from anybody, so he labeled himself as the “Black Mamba,” which he somehow made work in those Nike ad campaigns. Anyways it looks like someone finally stepped up to the challenge and I am  not too sure how I feel about it.

From ESPN:

“I was in my coffin a few years ago,” Bryant said, gladly reminding the media that plenty of the pundits and scribes out there have soiled hands from prematurely throwing dirt on his grave. “Vino is out of the barrel.”

“Vino” is the new nickname Bryant adopted after a writer for his advertising agency called him it in a text after Bryant had three highlight reel variety dunks Thursday against Minnesota.

Sure he did, Kobe. I know you totally did not make up another nickname for yourself and give credit to some random dude, so you don’t look fool. Come on, man. you have been in the league for 17 years, we all know what you are up to. Just a heads up, in the future if you want to give yourself a nickname, in, I don’t know, maybe in retirement, please choose something, someone will actually use and call you by. The name “Kobe” is already hard to top as it is.