In today’s episode of “Parenting Fails”, we have an infant-wielding tough guy who accomplishes a trifecta of shameful heckling at a youth hockey game. Aside from the standard bitching about referees, he calls one player a “midget”, after which he is confronted by the offended player’s father. At this point, most normal people would offer an apology of some sort, especially after hurling insults at a 15-year-old kid. This is guy is not normal people though. Instead, he ups the ante: “Don’t touch me, or I’m gonna cave your fucking glasses in, you got that?”

The quick escalation, combined with the quiet and distant reaction by the blond lady caught in the middle, makes us think this ain’t his first rodeo. So, for the love of everything it is innocent and sacred about youth sports, a perma ban might be in effect for this guy — not just from this rink, but all future rinks, courts and/or fields his poor kid may find himself competing on.