Stuck at work on the big day? Did you unknowingly book a flight during that time? As long as you have a computer in front of you with a good Internet connection you should be just fine to watch the Big Game. Our friends at Digital Trends have tracked down the best four places to watch the Super Bowl online, and we made just a couple changes. Quick fyi… last year 111.3 million people watched the Super Bowl on TV…

CBS Sports – This is where you should be watching the Big Game, and it is definitely where we suggest you watch the Big Game.  It is free and LEGAL.


Twitter – This may seem odd, but trust me it works.  Just use the search function in Twitter a couple hours before the Big Game to search for “Super Bowl Streaming” and about 100 different streams will pop-up for you.  Not all will work, but you will find a good one if you are patient.



USTREAM – The quality won’t be perfect but there will be plenty of folks streaming the Super Bowl.


My P2P Deal with the 500 pop-ups and you will be able to find one of the better places to stream any sporting event at anytime from anywhere.


First Row Sports – Just like with the above there will be numerous streams, just deal with the pop-ups and don’t download anything.

first row

VIPBOX.TV – This is my go to when I am traveling internationally.  It never fails to provide good links to any game at any time.