Remember a few months back when the classy bros from Simple Pickup attempted to raise money for breast cancer awareness by offering to motorboat random girls? Well, one of those random girls was the girlfriend of Marty York, who you may remember from The Sandlot as “Yeah-Yeah”. Well, “Yeah-Yeah” is all growed up and inflated now, into what appears to be a character from the Jersey Shore. He did not take too kindly to the gentleman asking to motorboat his girl, and unleashed an epic on-camera tirade (transcript provided by Uproxx):

“Have you ever seen the movie The Sandlot? I’m Yeah-Yeah. I’m a motherf*cking goddamned movie star. First of all, who the f*ck is this f*ckin’ Asian motherf*cker? I’m a goddamned movie star. I’ve been on TMZ ten times. Look my name up – Marty York. You ask to motorboat my chick, I’ll f*ck you up, dude, right now. Unless you know motherf*ckin’ Bruce Lee Kung Fu… (mumbles unintelligibly) I’m from f*cking Brooklyn, I’ll f*cking murder you.”

Referring to himself as a movie star is a bit of a stretch. York has nine acting credits to his name, with his last one being in 2011, where he played a character named Guido Calypso (I couldn’t even make that up if I tried). Also, appearing on TMZ ten times? Dude, seriously?