In late November, Cosby Sweaters had the pleasure of spending a day with Michelle Jenneke, who literally broke our website a few months back with the video of her delightfully sensual pre-race dance routine.  I was giddy like a little school girl heading into the day-long video shoot, not just because I was able to spend a day with one of the most gorgeous young ladies from down under, but because I absolutely knew nothing about her.  We had scoured the internet for bits of information to bring up throughout the day, and they were few and far between.

Enough of us talking.  Please enjoy the full interview 

Michelle Jenneke Full Interview from Oscar Zagal on Vimeo.


I won’t ruin the interview, but there are a few things I wanted to make sure I passed on after spending 10 hours with Ms. Jenneke.

– Michelle is one of the sweetest people around, by no means has internet fame gone to her head.

– She is not too interested in speaking about if she has a significant other or not.

– She has been in Tanzania volunteering at an orphanage for the past two months

– She is studying to become a mechatronic engineer (look it up, we did).

 – She has one older sister, who is as lovely as can be.  Her sister definitely takes on a maternal role between the two, but only in a very caring and protective manner.

– She made us bring her biscuits.  She loves biscuits.

– She can successfully throw a boomerang.

– She has no clue as to whom Wayne or Garth is.

– Her pre-race snack is a couple spoonfuls of Nutella

– We are fairly certain she has actually never been to

– She uses Rexona deodorant.