At Cosby Sweaters, we’re always on the lookout for new sports sites and apps.  However sad it may be, about 50% of our lives revolves around sports.  We recently came across a new site, called Sidelines, that we’re now hooked on.  We see it as a great mix of Twitter,Facebook, and ESPN game forums.  Sidelines is all about enabling sports fans to have discussions with the broader community that’s interested in the same sport or team. Anyone can start a discussion by posting an opinion, or a link, photo or video. Others can then jump in, vote up discussions and join the conversation. For instance, check out this discussion on who would win if we had college football playoffs this year.  Makes it a hell of a lot easier than having to try and keep up with an ESPN game forum.

We really like the simplicity of Sidelines, and the clean, elegant design of the site.  We also noticed that the level of discussion on Sidelines is much higher than most places on the web. The moderators are doing a good job of maintaining the tone of the community, so you see a lot of interesting, insightful and funny comments, and very little mindless trolling.

For the moment, Sidelines has communities for the NFL  and College football, but it looks like more sports are coming soon. C.S. approved, now give me my mobile app!