Katt Williams has been making headlines the last few weeks for all the wrong reasons. First, there was his bizarre performance at Oracle Arena in Oakland, which devolved into delusional, unfunny ramblings, and ultimately ended with the comedian being dragged off stage after challenging a heckler to a fight. Not to be outdone by himself, Williams was involved in a slow speed chase with Sacramento police on Sunday, weaving in and out of oncoming traffic on a three-wheeled motorcycle.

Regardless of the odd behavior, at least Williams has been arriving at his scheduled appearances — until Thursday night. It was the first night of a back-to-back appearance at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre, and scalped tickets had gone into the hundreds of dollars for prime seats. What people didn’t expect to pay for was a never-ending parade of oddball openers and Williams cronies, who were clearly covering for the main act, who wasn’t even in the building. The Seattle Times’ Andrew Matson was there:

From 8:30 pm, Katt Williams’ large amount of opening acts got progressively weirder and more annoying, peaking with John Witherspoon from “Friday” and “Boondocks,” plummeting with a few rappers, one of whom was holding a Bible and literally thumping it.

Plenty of other people in the room weighed in during (and following) the 4-hour-plus ordeal as well:

Anyone hoping for a response from Mr. Williams (or, whichever lackey handles his Twitter account) is probably out of luck — the last activity on @KattPackAllDay was on October 8th. However, the good news is Seattle Theatre Group is issuing full refunds (which is definitely better than getting sued) and also announced Friday night’s second show will go on as planned — whatever that means in Katt’s crazy world.

via Seattle Times