I am not quite sure how this one has slipped through the cracks. But I stumbled across this gem just today. It stars a six year old OKC Thunder fan who had his night ruined by the big, bad Miami Heat at the end of Game 3 of the NBA Finals. This youngter’s street cred definitely took a hit after Mommy and Daddy released this home video of him pouring out his heart for his beloved OKC Thunder.

Now I will admit that I too have made similar whimpering noises, roughly 20 years ago, thanks to a certain shot that a certain Duke player (don’t have the ability to say or type his name) made against my UK Wildcats. So I feel your pain young Thunder fan. I am very fortunate that I grew up in a much different era and was able to unleash my tears with no concerns that anyone would ever find out. However, for the sake of comedy, I feel morally obligated to put this whipper-snapper on front street. Enjoy!



via YouTube