I actually get this 100%. The Starbucks Gold Card is a sign of status, they give discounts, and they are not easy to get. So when you have one and it gets stolen, just like what happened to Ochocinco yesterday, you need to vent. Ochocinco had his car broken into yesterday and the thief took his wallet, credit cards, and most importantly his Starbucks Gold Card.

“I earned the gold card,” Ochocinco said in a two-minute video posted to his Twitter account discussing his ordeal. “You know how many coffees I’ve had to drink and lemon loafs I’ve had to purchase to get to that gold card? I had $220 left on my Starbucks card. Not just any Starbucks card, but a gold Starbucks card.”

Later in the day, Ochocinco tweeted that the mother of one of his followers had found the wallet in Providence to his surprise. The wallet had his credit cards and license but of course no Gold Card. However the good folks at Starbucks did reach out to Ochocinco on Twitter and gave him another. Smiles all around!

via ESPN