The title for my first ever post for Cosby Sweaters is not a prediction. Actually it is more of a foreshadowing. Did you notice that symbol at the end of the title? If you know anything about sports you know what that is. You also know it doesn’t signify greatness. So let me get right to the point. If the Miami Heat are able to hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy this June there is no doubt in my mind that the court of public opinion will provide us with a swift and decisive ruling.

Who’s the Defendant?

Lebron James. His teammates that make up the rest of the Miami Heat are also on trial as accessories to the charges.

What’s the verdict?

Whether or not the Heat actually win it all, the jury have already made their decision. The title that has eluded one of the most talented players of all time, Lebron James, must include an asterisk when it comes time to print the next edition of the sports almanac.

Now we all know that there really is no such thing as an asterisk when it comes to the recorded history of sports. However, in this day and age the judicial system for the sports world does not typically consider documented proof when it is time to reach a verdict. The judicial system for the sports world is essentially a jury panel made up of a conglomeration of media figureheads, peers, and sports enthusiasts that have roughly a billion ways to cast their votes (via websites, radio, television, message boards, twitter feeds, blogs, barber shops, water coolers, etc). Unless you are a born and raised citizen of a remote New Guinea tribe you know who Lebron James is and that makes you a member of said jury. I can say without reservation that we the jury have all had at least one negative thought about the defendant, Lebron James, after that forever infamous decision  he made almost two years ago. Well…Everyone except Maverick Carter. There is no denying that there are more jury members right now who despise King James than those who worship him.

Think about this…What happens if the Durant/Westbrook led Thunder or the dark horse favorite Spurs win it all? Nothing. They would both be celebrated and deservedly so. What if the Lakers ride the coattails of Bynum’s maturity and Kobe’s team- first leadership skills to yet another ring? Oh wait…Mike Brown is the coach, Bynum is the world’s tallest child, Kobe will shoot the Lakers out of one of these series, and Pau Gasol let’s stuff like this happen to him. Sorry Laker fans, that ish ain’t happening. What if a sleeper, like the Grizzlies, pulls off the shocker and brings the title parade to Beale St.?  Five things are certain:

1.) The Grizz will have come back from a 3-1 series disadvantage against the L.A. Floppers.

2.) I will be there for the parade.

3.) I will be 100% intoxicated during the parade.

4.) I will most likely end the night shirtless wondering the streets of Memphis.

5.) The jury will rule that a Grizz title will be nothing more than a feel good story.


My point is that anybody else could win the title this year and the jury will let the defendant walk out of the court room exonerated of all charges. If the Heat win it all, Lebron is getting the book thrown at him and he’s taking the rest of the Heatles with him. The reality of the situation is that neither Lebron nor his teammates would be deserving of the asterisk. I realize the evidence against them is fairly strong. The condensed season has chewed up and spit out some of the most formidable pieces (D-Rose, D-Ho, and Chauncey Billups just to name a few) needed to prevent the Heat from obtaining the title. Now that is not Lebron’s nor his teammates’ fault. This season is about one thing…Survival. The healthiest team will win it all. If the Heat are healthy then I don’t see anyone stopping them. Well except for the Spurs who just finished obliterating any notion of a competitive series against a fairly talented Jazz team.

Let’s face it, Lebron is in a lose-lose situation. If he and the Heat don’t win it all they will have choked away yet another opportunity at something they promised their fans they would do six or seven times. If they do win it all, the haters are gonna hate and they probably won’t stop until he wins one against the best competition that the NBA has to offer. The Chosen One simply can’t win this court battle and he has nobody to blame but himself. However, I don’t feel sorry for him because he is insanely rich, can dunk on anyone from anywhere, and has Jay-Z on speed dial. Am I hater? Nope… Just a member of the jury.