The Houston Rockets got a steal when they took Chandler Parsons with the 38th pick in this year’s draft. Parsons has consistently been one of the top performing rookies this season, and got snubbed by the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge durring All-Star Weekend.

The lack of respect has seemed to only motivate Parsons to perform at an even higher level, out ‘Kobeing’ Kobe Bryant at the Staples Center on Friday night. Chandler got the ball at the top of the key, pump-faked, started to drive the lane, faked the spin, rolled back and hit the fadeaway J right in Kobe’s face. That’s a signature Kobe move that not too many players have in their repertoire, especially while being guarded by the master himself.

Houston ended up beating LA 112-107. Parsons also hit a dagger three late in the fourth quarter to secure the big Rockets road win. Here’s the move below. #KobeSystem


via SLAM