MLB 12 The Show comes out today and the folks at SONY PlayStation released a commercial which is easily award worthy.  The commercial depicts the Cubs finally winning a World Series and the celebrations and emotions that are flowing out of the North side of Chicago following the win.  The commercial ends with a Cubs fan sitting in his apartment as the “L” passes with tears rolling down his face and a PlayStation controller in his hand.  As a die hard Cubs fan, this commercial made my year even if Theo is unable to reproduce this event in 2012.

PlayStation explained the reasoning for the spot on their blog:

For our commercial, we chose what’s arguably the greatest moment for any gamer and fan of baseball: winning the World Series. We celebrate the fans who have the longest-running loyalty and emotion behind their team to win it – Cubs fans. But whether your favorite team (or player) just brought home the trophy last year, or if you’ve loyally followed them through thick and thin, we think any gamer knows the feeling of making their biggest baseball moments happen with The Show.