As some of you may know, in the 60+ years Disneyland/Disney World have been operating there has been a mandate that all employees be squeaky clean in the facial hair department – no beards.

I mean think about it, would Disneyland be the same if a bearded lady operated Splash Mountain or a Unabomber looking dude ushered you into the Haunted House? Disneyland is a place of childish wonder, not creepy carnies, and this was Walt Disney’s original vision. But the times, they are a changin.

Disney announced yesterday that the “Disney Look” is changing to include beards (with hairs no longer than 1/4 inch). Still no hipster beards or Osama beards – and as the article states, NO SOUL PATCHES! – but your run of the mill beard will soon be popping up at Disney.

I’ll be interested to catch the new look.,0,6539813.story