First of all, the bartender in me has to mention that Ciroc is made from grapes.  It’s not grape flavored (like Jim Beam’s Pucker Vodka for kids), but because it’s made from grapes the gluten-free people can drink it without worry.  Now on to the cast of the commercial:



The less interesting ones I notice are obviously Puffy himself, and the white haired guy from Goodfellas.  But after that it gets a lot cooler.  There’s Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad.  Lucas Scott from One Tree Hill (I have no problem admitting that when I lived in Austin, Texas in the winter of 2003-’04 and I had no job and no cable TV, One Tree Hill was my favorite show on television.  That and 5th Wheel/Elimidate, but that’s another blog for another day).  Omar from The Wire (or Chalky White from Boardwalk Empire for HBO newbies).  And best of all, Turtle’s girlfriend from Entourage, who on the show did ads for Avion Tequila (whoa, that’s like inception type stuff); which is real, by the way.  We carry it in the restaurant I work at, a little more bartender stuff to bring this blog full circle.


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