“I’ll come at you like a spider monkey!” – Texas Ranger in ‘Tallageda Nights, The Legend of Ricky Bobby’

Mechanic Joao Leite dos Santos, from Sao Paulo, admitted he had been drinking when he went to the Sorocaba Zoo in the city.

Seeing the enclosure of spider monkeys, Mr Dos Santos decided that that they looked like a playful bunch so, shirtless and shoeless, he scaled the fence and climbed down to join in.

However, as he waded across the small stream that surrounds the monkeys’ home, he soon found that the animals were not as friendly as he hoped.

A number of the primates had been eyeing him up since he climbed the fence, and six of them gathered on the bank to attack him as he tried to haul himself out of the water, biting him on the wrist, arm and shoulder.

The drunken visitor soon aborted his playdate with the monkeys and was helped out of the enclosure, dripping with blood and in immense pain, by horrified onlookers.

Mr. Dos Santos then lay on the floor writhing in agony while zoo workers waited for an ambulance to come and get him, at which point he was taken to hospital for treatment.

Unfortunately for the sheepish Mr Dos Santos, the whole incident was caught on film by an amateur cameraman and posted on YouTube, meaning that the whole world can now enjoy his moment of drunken madness.



Via Metro UK